Wood Slice Art

Fabric art on a wood slice! Just happened to come across this idea while I was making a book. This piece of art was a nice break from my current illustrations. They are driving me crazy! I am having a hard time with making them look the way I want, and the way the teacher wants. Trying to please both sides and it is difficult! Anyway, sometimes I need to take a break and do something completely different. It takes my mind off of the stress and gets new creative vibes flowing.

IMG_1003IMG_1000  IMG_1005


…by the way, I am selling these on etsy!

Rachael Anita

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EXPLORE! I love nature. I am looking forward to summer and venturing into the mountains and forests and meadows.

This is my morning warm up. I painted this one a bit differently than my other ones. I focused less on line and more on the actual shape and highlights and shadow. Not sure if I like it more or less.

15-Explore Tetons

Have a happy day! Have fun exploring!

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-Rachael Anita

15-Tree 15- Etsy Logo 2

Wood-Burning Adventure Begins!!!

I am always finding new ways to create art. Which is good and bad.

Good: more ways to create!!!      Bad: not enough time to do all of them!!!

This art form is quite fun though and I am excited to show you more!!!


I am selling these on etsy! I am slowly starting my etsy shop this year. I am excited for it.

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Abstract Art

i have always enjoyed abstract art. It is a fun and relaxing way to create. I haven’t created in this style in a long time and it was so enjoyable! Here is a digital piece I did today!!!

fire and ice

Here is a link if you are interested in buying a print!! There are also pillows with this on it too! It’s awesome!

Apple Computer

Apple Computer!! Another exploration in the world of digital illustration!!! I am loving it. It has only taken a couple years or so to finally figure out a digital way that I like to create in.

Note: coloring is a bit off in the format I had to upload it in :/ :p

15-Apple Computer

…and here is a sketch for a project i am currently working on right now.

15-Closet Sketch