Something New…

I have recently been working on a new blog and website and SHOP! I am combing them to one site to make it easier to access without having to switch between so many different sites. This site also has a cleaner more professional look and I am working hard to make my love of art a way for me to make a living. It is starting small, but I hope that it will grow and inspire others.

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Loosening Up

I think school has totally messed up my style. I have found myself creating illustrations in a way that I fell the teachers will like the most…not what I like the most. I like simpler things, and lately I feel I have been trying to add to much to make an illustration ‘better’. I am going to slow down, loosen up, gain some confidence, and make things the way I want to make them.

IMG_1593 IMG_1594 IMG_1595

Keep your eye out for these guys in my etsy shop! I am planning on putting prints and originals up for sale!!!

IMG_1597 IMG_1600

The Robot Machine by Rachael Anita

The final product of my Robot Machine book!!! I had a lot of fun creating different robots and binding this book together. I think it is one of the coolest books I have made!!! There are six different robots in the book each with different words to describe them and a name. I am thinking about making scanning and printing the robots and making more books to sell to people if there are any who would be interested!!!  [take my poll about buying a book…poll is on the right side column] Thanks!


IMG_1404 IMG_1406

IMG_1407 IMG_1410 IMG_1414 IMG_1419

I even made a slip case for it!

IMG_1423 IMG_1425

The cover was lots of fun and a lot of hard work. It took me a few hours to perfectly fold the paper around all of the corners!! But the end result was worth it.

IMG_1427 IMG_1430 IMG_1434

Next up! Monster Book!!!

Coptic and French Link Stitched Journal

New book in my etsy shop! I have been having lots of fun experimenting with different stitching to use on my books. This one is a basic coptic stitch and french link. I am a bit behind on my books right now. I was in some pain last week and didn’t get much done. So hopefully I will get caught up this week!

IMG_1135 IMG_1142 IMG_1144

Plaid and Gold Sketchbook

I love this plaid fabric. It is so soft and beautiful, I just had to make a book with it!! Not to mention the gold paper is awesome!!! This book is now for sale in my etsy shop —>Rachael Anita Creates

The paper inside this book is my absolute favorite. It is a toned paper that is wonderful to draw on. Just feeling the paper with your fingers is amazing.


IMG_1076 IMG_1085 IMG_1084

Keep checking back! I have a new book project going on and I am so excited for it!! I can’t wait to show you guys when it gets started!!

I love making books!

Today is a bookmaking day. I am making lots of books today, getting ready for my etsy shop opening soon!

10371398_450827411748952_4823578995990309001_n 11159467_450828335082193_6414910620792548253_n

I am planning on typing a quote on the blue section of this book with my type writer. What are your favorite quotes!? What would you like to see on a handmade notebook?

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